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You've signed up. What now?!

Here's how to make the most of your page:

1. Share it with your friends/followers.

Use it like a charity fundraising page, but instead of asking for money, ask for sweat. Ask others to set their own goal in order to motivate you.

2. Have a look at the Sweat Pledge Twitter and Facebook pages for other users, and send them some love in the form of a shoutout or, even better, pledge them some sweat.

Engaging with other sweaty people is what it's all about.

3. Keep your activity up-to-date.

Share pictures of you training for your sweat pledge, share the misery and the joy!

4. Keep returning back to your page.

You'll get notifications whenever someone interacts with you, so keep checking back.

5. Make sure your inspiration is set.

If your inspiration is already on Sweat Pledge, make sure you set them correctly, i.e. type the name and pick your inspiration from the drop down selection that appears. This way they get a notification that you love them.

What Now?!

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