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Fancy pledging some hard work?? Make a promise by way of a goal; after that every bead of perspiration is your donation.

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Step 1: Make a Pledge

Ideally, your commitment should be measurable so apply a date to it. The reason for this is because if we can measure it, we can see improvement. That’s why running or cycling are ideal (and cheap!) and there are plenty of plans out there to get going on.  If you have a plan, you’re more likely to stick to it, and you can easily measure your improvements in fitness.


  • Pledge an average of 20 mins of activity per day for the whole year!

    • Pledge to be active every day next year (if I can do it, you can do it!).

    • It doesn’t have to be 20 mins every day, but an average over the week, i.e. at least 2 hours 20 mins every week.


  • Cycle to work/school

    • The more of us that do it, the more investment will be made in cycling infrastructure and the safer and easier it will become.


  • Ride with me

    • Pledge to get bike-fit enough to ride a 100-miler (or part of one) with me in 2016.


  • Set another goal, and achieve it! Ideas:

    • Achieve the highest grade belt you can in a year of martial arts

    • Run/walk 5K/10K/Half Marathon/Marathon

    • Perfect a new dance dance routine

    • Take part in a Sprint/Olympic/Middle-distance/Full-distance Triathlon

    • Ride in a Sportive


NOTE: If you're already fit and healthy, or already have a goal, why not pledge to get someone else off the couch?  


Step 2: Sweat!

Join the Strava group, start your timer as soon as you're out of breath, and log your donation on Strava. Let's see how many minutes you can donate in a year!


Here are pledges already made - updated a couple of times per week.

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