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If you don't have the capacity to be a sponsor, there are still little ways you can help:


  • Use my £40 voucher code to order from Ocado, I will get £20 voucher each time and you will get £20 off your shopping (order must be over £80). Just send me your email address and I will send you an invitation.


  • Offer me a meal (might be handy to do an Ocado shop before that…). I may decline if you live in a particularly hilly area… I may also ask to use your washer/dryer…


  • Spread the word. Can your friends offer me some food?


  • Ask farmers and caravan sites in the local area if they could find some space for me to pitch my caravan.


  • Cycle with me. It's going to be a lonely year otherwise! I will plan my routes and make them available at some point this year. You don't have to join me for the whole route, but please be aware that I will be doing whatever speed suits me so you'll need to be able to keep up (around 15 mph perhaps) for the full distance that you join me for.


  • Contact your local bike shop. I need a list of friendly, welcoming bike shops that can help me in times of emergencies, i.e. technical problems I can't solve on my own.


  • Contact bike-friendly cafes that are on my route, who may be able to feed/tea me up in exchange for me mentioning them in my blog/on Twitter.

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