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On the ‘Can I do it?’ page, I listed 8 things I needed to succeed - the last one on it is the only thing that can't be given to me in way of sponsorship. Can you help with the rest?


  • A bicycle and spare parts

The record guidelines state that I have to do the entire attempt on one bicycle frame unless that frame is damaged beyond repair, so I need initally one awesome bicycle, built for endurance, with an identical backup version in case of accident (touch wood). Are you in a position to provide me with one (two) and a few spare parts?

If so, click here to contact me.



  • Stamina

Can you help me with a training plan? Even a race execution plan?

Can you give me personal training sessions in readiness?


Yes! We've got this one covered by Laurence Clemente Strength & Fitness



  • Food

Fuel is something I cannot do without!

Can you sponsor me?

Perhaps you know someone who owns a cafe or restaurant - could they pledge a meal?

Are you part of a supermarket or food delivery company who may want to provide my fuel?


Whole Health Nutrition are on board with their expertise,

but I still need the food itself!


Let's have a chat - contact me here.



  • Sleep

We've now got "James Allen", out trusty caravan, and need to park him somewhere for a good night's kip. Can you help find a local farmer or camp site who could let us pitch for a night or two?


Get in touch here.



  • Money

Cold hard cash is something not many would refuse but perhaps you can sponsor me money-saving deals on my essentials?

Can you sponsor me a phone subscription?

Perhaps offer me insurance for free or at a discounted rate? 

Click here to contact me.



  • Clothing

I already have cycling clothes I can use, because I cycle on a regular basis, but I need enough to not have to do washing every day!

Is there anyone out there willing to clothe me in cycle gear for the year?

If you are, you may of course contact me. Click here to do so.



  • Sun cream

I will be spending a lot of time in the outdoors... Even in the UK we do see the sun once in a while.

If you have the sun cream factor (50), click here.



  • An ability to go to zone out, to go to ‘another place’

We discussed this. There is nothing you can do.... On second thoughts - there is. Plenty, actually!! Ride with me. Talk to me. Be nice to me. Tell car drivers not to beep at me or shout out of the window (or run me over for that matter). Feed me cheese. Tell me it will all be ok. Hug me.



What will you get in return? This is obviously up for discussion, but here are some ideas:

  • Space on my ‘Sponsors’ page.

  • Your logo on my official cycling clothing. 

  • Reviews of whatever you're sponsoring me.

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