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How to: PLEDGE

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PLEDGE to motivate a friend

There are three ways of motivating a friend with a Sweat Pledge; if you've already signed up, either go to their page and click on 'MOTIVATE ME AND MAKE A PLEDGE', or click on 'ADD AND EDIT PLEDGES' on your own page.


If you haven't yet signed up, you can make a pledge during the registration process.

Make sure they're signed up to Sweat Pledge first though!

Start typing in the 'In support of' box and wait for the name to appear. If it doesn't (and they're definitely on Sweat Pledge already), try clicking out then back into the box. There's a known bug that sometimes rears its ugly head - bear with us while we fix it.

Once you've selected your friend (and filled in the other boxes) click on 'add pledge' and return to your profile. Now, head on over to your friend's page and note that your pledge is now showing in their INSPIRE section (click on x PLEDGES to display a list of all pledges).

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